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Go-Shin-Kan Karate is the right place for people who are
interested in self defence, fitness, and building confidence with
martial arts practice
Are you curious about or have an interest in martial arts?

Would you like to improve your level of fitness?
Our students are of all ages from 7 years and upwards, men and women, boys and girls, often with
members of the same family training together. We offer no barrier to race or creed, ability or disability.We
promote Practical Traditional Karate taught with modern methods
Whether you have been training forever or you are a raw beginner, our classes can help your martial arts
Karate can help you achieve self defence awareness, while increasing your self-defence skills.  It is
a fun way of keeping fit and you will find that your confidence and self esteem grow with every
Approached in the right way; with dedication, effort, perseverance, and a desire for something
greater than the materialistic western way of life, karate becomes a form of stress relief and a great
Why wait? Day one can be today, or in three years, it will still be day one. Come join us and get it out of
the way.
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