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Welcome to the Go-Shin-Kan Karate Association (GSKKA) Page.
world kobukan federation
world union of karate-do federations
World United Karate Organization
F.E.K.O International
Federation of Martial Arts
Federation of English Karate Organisations
As an association our aim is to promote, support, encourage and practice Martial Arts. Organise and promote GSKKA in the Yorkshire area.
Constitution of Go Shin Kan Karate Association
GSKKA will also host seminars and have gradings throughout the year as well as host and attend various levels of competitions and seminars.

Membership shall be open to everyone regardless of age, sex and ethnicity, nationality, orientation or religion. Members shall be fully insured and all sports clothing and equipment shall be for sale.
GSKKA is a non profit making organization and does not engage in matters pertaining to race, religion or politics. Our instructors will train anybody who wishes to learn traditional Shotokan Karate regardless of age or disability.
We are a friendly association and all our instructors are qualified to teach all the different aspects of Shotokan Karate.
If you would like to know more about GSKKA or to enquire about how to join the association please contact us here or telephone the club secretary on 07799 806534.
GSKKA is a member of, Federation of English Karate Organisations, World Union of Karate-Do Federations and the Federation of Martial Arts (via FEKO)
07799 806534