Go-Shin-Kan Karate Meaning "The House of Hard Truth"
uses the traditional style of Shotokan Karate to give a complete Self Defence system.
Karate was created for self-defence. Our primary aim is to pass the art on for that
The people of Okinawa created karate as a method of self-defence, by blending the
native art of ('Te') and the imported Quan Fa. Today the art is mainly taught as a sport
and a 'way of life' - that is practice for practice's sake. There are however a huge range
of techniques 'hidden' in the kata of karate which are entirely useful as self defence.
The self-defence moves of Shotokan karate are available for use by men and women
of any age or build. The use of pressure points, nerve attacks, waveforms, 5 element
theory, yin-yang and quadrant theory make our techniques useful even for smaller
people against larger aggressors.
We are a Karate club that follows the traditional forms of Shotokan Karate, as
originated by Master Gichin Funakoshi(1868 - 1957), developed and taught by Master
Keinosuke Enoeda and Master Hirokazu Kanazawa
Go-Shin-Kan teaches Traditional Shotokan Karate to adults, children, and mixed groups
in and around the Yorkshire Region. With  years of experience in Shotokan Karate, our
Instructor's are experienced and willing to pass on what they have learned.

An Enjoyable Pastime
Our training will help you keep fit, show you an interesting legacy, and can be immense

Those black belts you see may look intimidating, but they too started along the same
path you will take, and are a dedicated group of students who will welcome you into the
group, and we are happy to help anyone.
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